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About the Brand

In the early days the production was spareparts and components for bicycles.

Only in the start 1940’s the production of bicycles began – and the frames was bought from the local producer – Børge Kildemoes…

In the 1950’s it was necessary to find a name for the bicycles. At that time the bicycle market was dominated by German brandnames – and since everything related to Germany was not popular at that time so shortly after World War II – the name should be English. However, it should be easy for the Danes to pronounce – and so the bicycles were named EVERTON.

In 1995 the Everton name was sold to the competition Smith & Co A/S in Odense, they owned another wellknown brand S.C.O. This was a short story – in August 1997 Everton was absorbed by Kildemoes A/S in Nr. Lyndelse south of Odense, here the brand still has its roots today.

The Everton bicycles are still associated with good quality, long lasting and made for everyday use with nice design. Everton bicycles are practical, simple and elegant and will last day after day.

Everton – every day!

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